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Frequently Asked Questions
My Account

Q. Can I check my past history of purchases?

A.The online purchase history is available from June 2011 through today. If you have any questions about an order before then, please call our Customer Service team at 1-800-323-0736. All future orders you place online can be tracked by visiting the My Account section via the link at the top of the page after you log in.

Personal Information - Use and Updating

Q. What will BSA do with my personal information?

A. BSA will use your personal information to communicate with you about your order. Your information will not be shared, exchanged with or sold to any third party. For more detailed information, please view our Privacy Statement.

Q. Where do I view and change my personal information?

A. Once you log in, you can update view and make changes to your personal information using the "My Account" at the top of the page.

Q. What information can I view and/or change?

A. You can view and change all of your personal information, billing and shipping address, as well as manage your newsletter subscription. You can also view your order status and order history, if orders exist.

Q. I am in the U.S. Military stationed overseas. What do I do when setting up my mailing address?

A. Customers with U.S. Military APO/FPO addresses should choose one of the Armed Forces choices under State/Province when creating or updating an account.

Ordering and Order Tracking

Q. What's a coupon or discount code?

A. A promotion code is a special code occasionally offered to allow users to take advantage of promotions.

Q. What's this credit card code?

A. The credit card code is your security code from the card itself. It's the last 3-digits on the back of the credit card, located on the signature panel.

Q. I wish to change or cancel an order I just placed. What do I do?

A. Once an order is placed on the only way to update it is to call our Customer Service hotline at 1-800-323-0736.

Q. What happens after I place my order?
A. You will receive a confirmation of your order by email after it has been accepted telling you that we have received your order. You will receive a second email when your order ships, providing your shipping and tracking information. Sometimes orders are delivered under multiple shipments. You will receive a separate email for every shipment we make on your order. You can also view your order status and history, under the "My Account" link at the top of the page.

Q. How do I know if an item is on backorder?
A. To check for the status of an item, go to My Account, then My Orders. Click on "View Order" for the particular order you want to check. If an item is on backorder, the word "Backordered" will appear in the Status field for that item.

Q. I can't add items to my bag.
A. Our site is designed to use "cookies" to keep track of the items that you order during your shopping session. When you're ready to check out, all of the items are saved in your shopping cart by using the cookie. If you don't enable cookies in your browser, our site won't remember what you've ordered, therefore making your shopping cart empty.

Q. How do I track my order?
A. To check your order status online you must have an account and login. If you already have an account, click on "My Account" at the top of the page to go to your Account page, and then click on "My Orders". Once you're there, click "View Order" to see detailed order information. You may also place reorders by clicking on that link. This will populate your bag with the items in that order. Your last five orders are also viewable directly from your Account Dashboard.

Q. How do I change or add a billing or shipping address?
A. Click My Account, then "Address Book" to add, edit or delete any address you have in your account. You may also change your default billing and shipping addresses in your Address Book.

Q. When my back ordered items came in, I got an email that said you were billing my credit card for the total amount of my original order. Is this correct?
A. You are only billed for the amount of the items that were previously on backorder. We do not bill for an item until it has shipped.

Q. Why haven't I received any email confirmations of my order or my shipping date?
A. The most common cause for customers not receiving email confirmations is an email service, including Yahoo Mail or Gmail, blocking our emails to you. To avoid these spam controls, which only allows email messages from known individuals, please add, to your address book if you wish to receive confirmation email messages regarding your orders.

Q. How does Debit Card Authorization work?
A. When you make a debit card purchase, requests authorization from your bank for the transaction. Your bank immediately places a hold on your account for that amount. When your merchandise ships, charges your account and the actual withdrawal takes place. If there is a delay in fulfilling your order, we will again request authorization from your bank to verify that funds are still available. If your order is cancelled, you may contact your bank to request an immediate release of the hold placed on your account. Please note it may take your bank several business days to release a hold that they have placed on your account.

Technical Questions

Q. What are your browser requirements?
A. designed for use with Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9, as well as Firefox 3.0, Safari 2.0 and Chrome. If you currently use older versions of these browsers, or non-supported browsers, you may experience technical difficulties with online ordering from this web site.

To purchase products online at, you must use a browser that is SSL-compliant and has a "secure mode." (To make sure your browser is secure, look for a closed lock or an unbroken key at the bottom of the Shopping Cart Checkout page.) You must also have JavaScript enabled in your browser's preferences. We recommend downloading Microsoft IE 8.0 or later to fully experience our site. If you continue to access our site with a browser other than those recommended above, key functions such as Checkout (online ordering) and Registration may not work properly. You can click below to download a browser that will allow you to view our site properly, or give us a call at 1-800-323-0736 to place an order. To download Internet Explorer,click here.

Q. What's a "cookie"?
A. Cookies keep track of the items that you order during your shopping session. When you're ready to check out, all of the items are saved in your shopping cart by using the cookie. If you don't enable cookies in your browser, our site won't remember what you've ordered, therefore making your shopping cart empty.

Wish Lists

Q. What's a Wish List?
A. A Wish List is list of products that someone (you) would like to have. You can use the Wish List as a "shopping list" to identify future purchases you want to make, or share your Wish List with family or friends so they can purchase these items for you.

Q. How do I add items to my Wish List?
A. Nearly every product on carries a gray "Add To Wishlist" button that you can use to add the particular item to your Wish List.

Q. How do I share my Wish List with others?
A. On your Wish List page, there is a button that carries the phrase, "Share Wishlist". Click this button and follow the instructions on the page to e-mail your Wish List to one or more individuals.

Gift Cards

Q. What happens if I lose my card?
A.Gift cards should be treated as cash and Boy Scouts of America cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen cards. If your card is registered, BSA will do its best to cancel a card and issue a new card for any outstanding balance available at the time you report it lost or stolen. However, we cannot guarantee we will be able to replace the unused funds.

Q. How do I check my card balance?
A. To check your gift card balance,click here.

Q. Can I use this gift card in my local Scout Shop?
A. Yes, Gift Cards are accepted at National Scout Shops across the country. Please call your council's store for verification if they accept gift cards or not. For a listing of all the National Scout Shops,click here.